The Digital painting School is an online school teaching digital painting. They wanted to highlight their students’ work along with the excellence of their teaching.
To carry out their first large-scale printing project, they trusted Booklets Print.

livre d'art

The artbook:
How to make a very high-end product?

The paper stock
We recommended a thick inside paper: #115 Matte Text. This makes it look more elegant and feels more comfortable to the touch, plus the overall weight of the book is higher.

The size
The landscape format is often more suitable for art magazines: it allows greater freedom in the layout of text and images. In order to emphasize the great graphic designs we recommended a big book format with a “XL” finished size of 13.5” x 9.5”.

The cover
The cover is finished with a 2 mm thick cardboard lamination and a matte lamination. The smyth-sewn binding contributes to the high added value of the book by providing best quality to stand the test of time.

High quality inside paper, very robust binding, great finish, large landscape format book, all the features to turn a booklet into a true artwork.

From digital…
… to Print!