We often hear about these new generations, the Millenials (or Gen Y) and the Z’s (or Gen Z), in terms of digitalization, social networks… However, these young people have not given up on print.
We can identify 3 reasons why young people value print: trustworthiness, effectiveness and difference. This article discusses the second point: difference.
In a digital world where sight and hearing have been given pride of place through the emergence of video platforms such as YouTube and Twitch and audio platforms such as Spotify and Deezer, Print emphasizes touch and smell.
Thus, Print offers the opportunity to focus on other senses that are not present in the digital environment. Indeed 73% of 18-to-24-year-olds agree that paper is more pleasant to handle and touch*.
The physical and emotional aspects are a very important facet of Print. As a matter of fact Physical is seen as more romantic and authentic.
In light of the results from a US survey**, we have a better understanding of Print’s emotional aspect. This survey asserts that “78% of the Millennials like the smell and feel of books” while 52% would “miss them a lot if they were to go away”.
Likewise “58% said they like the smell and feel of magazines”.
From a business standpoint, the high quality and premium feel of Print gives extra benefits and can help to stand out from the crowd. Since experiential marketing and multi-channel communications take greater importance, Print remains a key part of the communications mix. Print allows to bring brands to life and interact directly with the potential customers.

The supremacy of digital is even more noticeable among young people who use it every day. Print is also a way to switch off screens and pay attention to one’s health: 62% of the Millenials are concerned about the overuse of electronic devices*.

Gen Z “has a complicated relationship with technology. Fifty percent wish they had more time away from technology, and 48 percent wish they put their phones down more and think they use social media too much. Additionally, they think digital can get in the way of interpersonal relationships”****. 

Direct mail feel more personalized to Gen Z than online marketing, “as it shows the company sent something directly to them versus a mass marketing approach.
For many among the next generation of consumers, physical mail brings a sense of value and trust that digital advertisements may not achieve”*****. 

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